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•   Richard Vreeland  12/6
•   Harry Miller  12/11
•   Douglas Smith (Class Of '63)  12/13
•   Ian Zlotolow  12/14
•   Gilbert Brunnhoeffer  12/18
•   Samuel Clifford Jordan  12/19
•   Earl Jacobs  12/25
•   Paul Diesel  12/26
•   Lewis Lyons  12/30


•   William Carrell  9/8
•   Candice Hodgkins (Kaylor)  8/6
•   Christine Pugh (Potters)  7/19
•   Peggy Kucen (McCann)  5/11
•   Mike Skelton  4/6
•   Helen Bisha (DePrima)  12/13
•   Jeannine Riddle (Sapp)  8/18
•   Karen Atteberry (Mitzlaff)  4/22
•   Hank Black  4/18
•   Susan Simpson (Vosburg)  10/15
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4 live in Alabama
1 lives in Arizona
3 live in Arkansas
12 live in California
2 live in Colorado
1 lives in Connecticut
1 lives in Delaware
21 live in Florida
9 live in Georgia
3 live in Illinois
10 live in Indiana
3 live in Kansas
104 live in Kentucky
1 lives in Maryland
1 lives in Massachusetts
1 lives in Michigan
1 lives in Missouri
1 lives in Montana
1 lives in Nebraska
1 lives in Nevada
1 lives in New Hampshire
2 live in New Jersey
3 live in New Mexico
1 lives in New York
10 live in North Carolina
7 live in Ohio
1 lives in Pennsylvania
2 live in Rhode Island
4 live in South Carolina
5 live in Tennessee
9 live in Texas
5 live in Virginia
5 live in Washington
2 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in British Columbia
1 lives in France
1 lives in Mexico
33 location unknown
53 are deceased


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Waggener High School
Class Of 1962

Welcome to the Mayme S. Waggener High School Class Of 1962 web site. Created for our 50th reunion and beyond.


Waggener Alumni Association Scholarship Program

Dear Fellow Waggener Alumni,

The Waggener Alumni Association has begun a scholarship program for deserving seniors who plan on attending college, a trade school, or enlisting in the military.  The students complete an essay outlining their experiences at Waggener, what they will do with the scholarship, and why they feel they are deserving.  The scholarships are $500 each and are decided upon by the WHS Alumni Board of Directors.  Four scholarships were awarded this past May from funds donated by some anonymous alumni.  This was our inaugural award and we need your help to improve and continue the program.  We plan on using a contact person from each graduating class to get this message out to as many Waggener alumni as possible.  Donations to the fund can be in any amount you feel comfortable with - and they are tax deductible.  Every little bit helps, and no amount is too small - it all goes to a great cause.  The initial donations last year ranged from $25 to $500.

We encourage all Alumni to participate in this program designed to help Waggener students advance their education - make your checks out to "Waggener Alumni Association" and add "Scholarship Fund Class of XX" in the memo line.  We will track all donations by class.  Mail checks to:

Nancy Gary, Treasurer
Waggener Alumni Association
Waggener High School
330 S. Hubbards Lane
Louisville, Ky 40207

Thanks for your help in advance.  If you have questions, please contact me at or Alumni President Lori Brown at

Butch Riley '64

Posted by Bob Hirsch, October 14, 2019

1st Annual Waggener Alumni Tailgate Party, Sept 8, 2017, 4:30 to 6:45 PM

Front Lot, Concessions and WHS Gear Sales

LIVE MUSIC By The Monarchs

$5 tickets for Alumni and families




Cats vs. Eastern

At 7:00 PM there will also be a dedication of the new WHS War Memorial monument that is being constructed in St. Matthews.  This memorial has been funded by generous donations from our Alumni.

For more information, contact Cathy Duffy at

Posted by Bob Hirsch, Aug. 28, 2017.

New Waggener Alumni Association – Summer 2017

Earlier this summer, a new Waggener High School Alumni Association for the classes of 1958 through 2017 was formed and incorporated as a charitable corporation with officers and a board of directors.  The president and chief cheerleader is Ms Cathy Duffy who went to Waggener and now teaches there.  The athletic director, Jamie Dumstorf is also a big supporter.  The school and many of its students have lots of special needs that this volunteer organization hopes to fulfill, and have some fun along the way.

They have setup a nice new website for the Alumni Association on like ours.  We are all welcome to join this website and they asked us to e-mail everyone in the Class of ‘62 to extend this invitation.  Out of respect for everyone’s privacy, we decided not to provide them with our Class of ’62 mailing list.  Instead, anyone from our class who wishes to join can go to their website and follow a few simple steps to sign up:

Here is a link to the website.  Click on it here to get started.

  • In the black menu bar across the top, click on “First Time Visitors” to see instructions on how to setup your profile with your e-mail address and password:
  • In the black menu bar on the left side of the screen, click “Classmate profiles”
  • On the next screen, click on the blue “1962” link.
  • It will display a list of our ’62 Classmates who have joined thus far.
  • At the bottom, click on the box that says “Don’t see your name above? Click here to join>>>”
  • It then displays the “Member Wizard, Step 1 of 4: Contact Info”
  • At minimum, enter your e-mail address and whatever password you would like to use.
  • Most of the other info is optional.
  • Steps 2 and 3 let you select who can see your profile and how much e-mail you want to receive.
  • At the end of step 4, be sure to select Save.
  • You should then be able to Log in by clicking the Red “Sign In” box on the right side of the Home Page.

Hope you will enjoy seeing all the activities they have planned and projects they are working on to help Waggener and its students.  If you have any questions of need assistance, you can e-mail the website Administrator, Cathy Duffy at

Posted by Bob Hirsch, Aug. 28, 2017.

I just read in the obits that Joe Curry just died ... He will be missed , Cliff

Birthday Announcements!

We have added a feature, the "Upcoming Birthdays" box on the right hand side of the Home Page. Soon to be Birthdays will be displayed starting 30 days out. Plenty of time to congratulate your classmate for making it another year.

In order for your birthday to be displayed you must have given the web site permission to do so. To check and see what your status is regarding this issue go to your profile page. Under "Profile", not "Details", scroll down close to the bottom where you will see a check box for "Allow classmates to view my birthday.....". Put a check there if this is OK. Uncheck it if you don't want anyone to know.

Happy Birthday!!! smiley

Hi Gang. Important message about our web site.

To make conversations among classmates easier we are changing some things AND we are going to start using some others that we haven't used in the past......but should have been using.

Now, everyone is going to "Message Center" to pick up the current thread (Our Memory?) that seemingly stretches around the world and is getting a little unwieldy. The "Message Center" should be used just to send a message to one or more specific classmates. That's why it's called the "Message Center". We have been using it as a forum. It works for that purpose but not well. So, stop using it for a forum and instead use "User Forums" also found in the left column. Wait a minute, "User Forums" is not there anymore you say and you are right. I have renamed it "Class Conversations" and moved it to the top of the list.

Click on "Class Conversations" and you will see that we have created 2 broad  categories, "General Discussions" and "Classmate Stories". Only the site administrators can create these broad categories but we are open to suggestions about adding others. Let us know.

Now click on one of the categories to see what "Topics" are listed. If you see a topic that interests you, well jump right in. It should work just like the thread in the "Message Center". Don't like any of the topics? Here now you are allowed to start your own.....such freedom. Click on the "Post New Topic" button, Give it a brief descriptive name, then write a message about it to get things started, and click SAVE.  Have fun and enjoy. We'll see how this works.


What a blast. It is Monday  October 1 2012 and the reunion is gone but certainly not forgotten. The atmosphere this weekend was different than our past get togethers. It seemed that people were much more in tune with the event and really wanted to connect rather than just pass the time. Hugs were everywhere, even among the guys. Promises to stay in touch seemed more genuine, no one cared what you looked like, people were just glad you were alive and there. Laughs came more easily and for several magical moments on the dance floor we were all 17 again.

My condolences to you who couldn't attend any of the events. Pictures and movies will be posted soon and we'll email you when they're up. Our future reunions will much likely be more frequent, maybe combined with other Waggener classes that have passed their 50th, and not so extravagant but just as much fun. Stay tuned.

A bit late but wanted to say what fun I had at the reunion. I know everyone was having fun. Laughing,remembering and dancing. A big thanks to the committee for such a great occasion . I didn't get to talk to everyone as much as I wanted but hope I did see everyone at least once. Thanks again for the great time. Pat Cary Vaughn

I would like to thank and congratulate the Reunion Committee for a job well done! Wonderful memory! Marian Brooks Fister

8/7/12 All senior annual photos are up on the site. We are missing a few pictures of classmates because they were not in the annual. If you are one of these people (or know them) and have a photo of yourself (them) taken around 1962 please email it to me ( I will clean it up, crop it, etc. and attempt to put it on the site. If you scan the picture please make sure it is in JPEG format. OR mail me the picture (Mike Skelton, 700 Rudy Lane, Louisville, Ky. 40207) and I'll take it from there. Thanks, Mike

P.S. When you open the "Classmate Profiles" section you can click on the "Show Yearbook Photos" feature and it turns into basically an online Senior Annual.

Hello everyone,

I got two announcements that Randy Phillips died on July 2, 2012.  I sent the announcement from classmates who knew about his death but I'm not sure I got the word out to everyone. 

Like with Joe and others, those who knew Randy in high school or more recently, share your thoughts.  I know the death was unexpected, Randy was recovering from a surgery.  I didn't know Randy well in High school so I'd like to hear from others what he was like after we left WHS. 

We seemed to have stopped our "chatter" but maybe take a look at the list of those we lost and tell us a story of two.  Jean Poland was a friend of mine.  She married Lewis Lyons and died some years ago.  Her parents belonged to Big Springs CC and we'd get a group of girls together andspend hours over there during the summer.   The Louisville Boat Club was another gathering spot,   Jean's house was always good for a slumber party.  I remember her Dad who was a BIG man, in the tobacco business.  Big voice too - he had all scared enough we didn't do many crazy things with him around. 


8/7/12 Too many emails from our site? Staying in touch can be fun but when there is thread going with many participants, including yourself, you will be notified whenever somebody posts a comment. Go to "Notify Me" under "Member Functions" and choose how the site notifies you, if at all. We don't want this to be a hassle.............. pick your own pace.

P.S. Don't block the Administrators from reaching you via emails. We won't send many but when we do we'll think they are important. Thanks

  "I stopped by to see Mr. Draut who is living at a retirement home on Bowling Drive which is not far from Waggener and behind a big mall. He is still very sharp. He reminded me of something I knew before but had forgotten. When we were there, Waggener HS ranked 2nd in the NATION behind Phillips Exeter Academy,a private school in New Hampshire. That's astounding when you think about it."

From Marilyn Gordon Brunnhoeffer and her recent visit to Arthur Draut, our Asst. Principal.